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Infinix Digital – Where Your Authorship Takes Flight!

We are more than just a publishing and marketing company; we are your dedicated co-pilots on your literary journey. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer a holistic range of services tailored to aspiring and published authors alike. From crafting captivating book covers that resonate with your story’s essence to bringing your narrative to life through expert editing, formatting, and publishing, we ensure your work shines with professionalism and artistry. Our collaborative spirit extends to author websites that connect you with readers, compelling book video trailers that captivate audiences, and the magic of ghostwriting that transforms ideas into compelling narratives. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for literary artistry, Infinix Digital is your steadfast partner in realizing your literary dreams.

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About Infinix Digital – Our Values, Mission, & Vision.

Infinix Digital is a dedicated team of experienced professionals with over a decade of expertise in the dynamic landscape of publishing and marketing. Rooted in our core values of excellence, creativity, and unwavering commitment, our mission is to empower authors with tailored solutions that amplify their voices and stories. Guided by a vision of fostering literary success and creating lasting author-reader connections, we endeavor to be the bridge that transforms dreams into published reality.

Our Expertise

How Infinix Digital Helps

Navigating the intricate journey of being a published author can be a complex endeavor, demanding expertise across multiple domains. At Infinix Digital, we understand these challenges and stand as your guiding light, offering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to realize your literary aspirations.

Book Writing, Editing, & Formatting

Crafting a compelling narrative involves more than just words. With our expert team of writers, editors, and formatters, we breathe life into your manuscript, ensuring every sentence resonates. From refining language to enhancing structure, we transform your ideas into polished prose, meticulously formatted to captivate readers.

Book Publishing

The path to becoming a published author can be daunting. Infinix Digital streamlines this process, guiding you through publishing intricacies. We take your manuscript and transform it into a professionally published book, ensuring it’s ready to take its place on the literary stage.

Book Marketing

In a crowded literary world, getting your book noticed is essential. Infinix Digital extends your reach through strategic marketing techniques. From targeted social media campaigns to captivating video trailers, we ensure your book reaches its intended audience, leaving an indelible mark.

Cover Design

Your book’s cover is its first impression, a visual gateway to your narrative. Infinix Digital’s talented designers craft covers that encapsulate your story’s essence, intriguing readers from the moment they lay eyes on it. We understand the power of aesthetics and wield it to your advantage.

Author Marketing

Transitioning from writer to author involves building your personal brand. Infinix Digital helps you connect with readers through captivating author websites and effective marketing strategies. We ensure your literary journey extends beyond the pages, fostering a lasting relationship with your audience.

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I was blown away by Infinix Digital’s marketing magic. My book went from obscure to a bestseller with their targeted campaigns and engaging social media strategies. They truly understand how to make a book shine in today’s digital world.



Infinix Digital turned my dream of becoming a published author into reality. From editing to marketing, their team’s dedication was unparalleled. Their Amazon book marketing services catapulted my book’s visibility, and the results speak for themselves.

John Sullivan


As a self-published author, I struggled to get my book noticed. Infinix Digital changed the game for me. Their creative YouTube video trailer not only caught attention but also translated into sales. Their holistic approach to book marketing is a game-changer.

Bruce Wrenn


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Challenge us. We want to work with you to create the really cool stuff.