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Infinix Digital – Your Trusted Book Marketing Agency.

Customized Strategies to Fit Your Book’s Unique Story!

Our diverse range of book marketing packages caters to authors at every stage. From cover to cover, we’ll craft a marketing plan that resonates with your book’s essence and resonat es with readers worldwide. We are not just a book marketing company but offer expertise that covers all domains of your authorship.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Book Editing & Proofreading
  • Book Formatting
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Author Website Services
  • Book Video Trailer
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Dynamic Book Marketing Services.

In the vast landscape of books, standing out is essential. Our book marketing services for self-published authors offer the compass to navigate this terrain. From self-published gems to established works, our tailored book promotion services ignite visibility, recognition, and the success your book deserves.

How Infinix Digital Helps!

  • Tailored Strategies – Customized book marketing plans aligned with your book’s essence.
  • Targeted Reach – Pinpointing the ideal readership through strategic analysis.
  • Engaging Content – Building compelling campaigns that resonate with the audience.
  • Online Presence – Elevating your book’s visibility through digital platforms.
  • Author-Centric Approach – Personalized strategies for self-published authors.
  • Data-Driven Insights – Refining book marketing for authors based on performance.
  • Strategic Partnerships – Collaborating with influencers and platforms.
  • Global Exposure – Extending reach to international literary communities.

Our Portfolio

Why Collab with Infinix Digital?

Our portfolio stands as a testament to our prowess as a leading book promotion company. Through our meticulous book advertising services, we have propelled diverse literary works to the forefront, helping authors realize their dreams of widespread recognition and engagement. Explore our portfolio below.

From Words to Worldwide Readership!

Choose Infinix Digital for Unparalleled Author Marketing Services. 

Transform your book’s destiny today. Let Infinix Digital, the pioneer book marketing agency, light your path to success.

Our Service

Holistic Book Services for Aspiring & Published Authors!

We are not one of those book marketing firms that’s fixated on one thing; Infinix Digital’ holistic approach covers all aspects of your authorship. Check out our range of services below:

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Infinix Digital - Ghostwriting

You have the story, we have the words. Our ghostwriting service transforms your ideas into eloquent prose, crafting narratives that resonate with readers. Collaborate with seasoned writers at Infinix Digital to bring your vision to life and watch your story unfold with the touch of literary artistry.

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Infinix Digital - Proofreading

Every masterpiece deserves refinement. Our meticulous book editing and proofreading ensure your work shines, free from errors or inconsistencies. From grammar to coherence, we sculpt your words into a seamless symphony, leaving a lasting impression on readers.

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Infinix Digital - Book Formatting

A well-formatted book is an immersive experience. Our book formatting service blends aesthetics with precision, guaranteeing a professional finish. Whether print or digital, your book’s layout will captivate readers, inviting them into a world where words come alive.

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Infinix Digital - Book Publishing

Your book deserves to be shared with the world. Our comprehensive book publishing service takes care of the intricate details, making your dream of becoming a published author a reality. We handle everything from distribution to ISBNs, so you can focus on your craft.

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Infinix Digital - Book Marketing

Get your book in the right hands with our book marketing experts. Our author promotion services span print and digital, connecting your work with eager readers. From strategic campaigns to ebook marketing services, we light the path to widespread recognition, backed by our expertise in digital marketing.

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Crafting Bestsellers – Strategic Book Marketing at Its Finest!

Infinix Digital has a highly efficient system for book creation and publication. As a client, you will be in a commanding role overseeing every aspects of your book as we create your book for you within days. Here is how it works!

What It Takes for Successful Book Marketing at Infinix Digital:

    • Strategic Planning – Tailored marketing blueprints for each book.
    • Audience Insights – Pinpointing the ideal readership.
    • Engaging Content – Crafting captivating campaigns and trailers.
    • Social Media Mastery – Leveraging platforms effectively.
    • PPC Precision – Targeted advertising to boost visibility.
    • YouTube Trailers – Creating visually striking book teasers.
    • Data-Driven Refinement – Adapting strategies based on performance.
Infinix Digital - Book Marketing

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Seal your book’s fate with Infinix Digital’s Amazon Book Marketing Services!

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Our Testimonial

What They Say About Our


I was blown away by Infinix Digital’s marketing magic. My book went from obscure to a bestseller with their targeted campaigns and engaging social media strategies. They truly understand how to make a book shine in today’s digital world.



Infinix Digital turned my dream of becoming a published author into reality. From editing to marketing, their team’s dedication was unparalleled. Their Amazon book marketing services catapulted my book’s visibility, and the results speak for themselves.

John Sullivan


As a self-published author, I struggled to get my book noticed. Infinix Digital changed the game for me. Their creative YouTube video trailer not only caught attention but also translated into sales. Their holistic approach to book marketing is a game-changer.

Bruce Wrenn



Frequently Asked Question

Your Questions About Book Marketing Services, Answered!

Absolutely! Our marketing services cater to authors at every stage. Whether you're just starting or seeking to boost your book's sales, our strategies are tailored to your needs.

Our services encompass a range of strategies like social media campaigns, Amazon book marketing services, YouTube trailers, and more. We create customized plans to ensure your book reaches its intended audience effectively.


Not at all! Our strategies are adaptable and work across various genres. We analyze your book's essence to craft a marketing plan that resonates with your unique target audience.

At Infinix Digital, we blend creativity and expertise to provide holistic marketing solutions for authors. From affordable marketing services to tailored strategies, we empower your book to stand out in a crowded market.


Our success lies in data-driven strategies. We constantly monitor and analyze the performance of our campaigns, refining our approach based on real-time results. This commitment to excellence ensures your book receives the attention it deserves in the ever-evolving landscape of book marketing.

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